Attorney at Law Daniela Doneva


Position: Attorney at law


  • New Bulgarian University (1996 – 2001)

Faculty of Law – LL.M.


  • Lawyers` partnership Vladikin, Slavov & partners (08.03.2017 currently) – Attorney at law
  • Lawyers` partnership Vladikin, Slavov & partners (08.12.2016 – 06.03.2017) – jurisconsult
  • TP “DGS Elin Pelin” (16.11.2015  -  08.12.2016) – jurisconsult
  • Municipality Gorna Malina (01.11.2013 – 16.11.2015) – Ch. expert EU projects
  • Real Estate “Olymp UV ” (01.09.2004 – 01.11.2013) – Office Manager Bulgaria

Practice areas: Substantive and procedural civil law, substantive and procedural administrative law, trade, taxation, customs law, Public Procurement

Languages: English and Russian


1. Certificate on “New rules of public procurement, the new public procurement law and regulations for its implementation. Procurement rules. Procedures. New forms for publication in the register of public contracts. Infringements and control. Practice of the CPC and YOU. “;

2. Certificate on “Planning under PPA. Upcoming changes to the Public Procurement Act in 2016. Current Issues in the announcement and implementation of public procurement. Commission practice for protecting competition and the SAC to the PPA “;

3. Certificate on “Public Procurement Act – organizing and carrying out procedures for procurement by entities”;

4. Certificate on “Introduction (Transport) of the EU directives into national law”;

5. Certificate topic: Application of EU law in Bulgarian judicial practice.