“Lawyers’ Partnership Vladikin, Slavov and Partners”, /ФН 13202 от 2005г,, партида №28, том I, стр.119 на СГС/ , is among the leading Law firms in Bulgaria. The Partnership is a legal entity established in compliance with of the Attorney Act, enrolled in the registers of Sofia Bar Association and Sofia District Court.

The Lawyers’ Partnership provides legal services and advice in the field of commercial law, obligation law, real law, legal procedure and arbitration, administrative law and administrative case, tax and customs law. The Partnership also provides legal services on subscription basis.

The Partnership provides to its foreign customers willing to invest in real estate– land and properties and/or other assets in the Republic of Bulgaria, complete company packages, comprising of registration, annual management and support, maintenance of registered office, accounting services etc. for a company, through which the real asset can be acquired or the particular investment carried out.

“Lawyers’ Partnership Vladikin, Slavov and Partners” has united the activity and the endeavours of its founders– Attorneys at Law with long-term practices. The team of the Partnership includes Attorneys at Law assisted by trainee jurists and administrative staff.

As consultants of “Lawyers’ Partnership Vladikin, Slavov and Partners” are engaged longtime professors teaching at the most reputable universities.

Working languages of The Lawyers’ Partnership are Bulgarian, English, German, Russian and French.